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The newly drafted digital, and fully interactive, version of the SAIA Client-Architect Agreement is available to purchase online.
We recommend that members view the following introductory video before going online to prepare the agreement to suit their client's needs and the specific conditions agreed for the project. The Agreement records the rights and obligations of the parties. Once signed and dated, it forms the agreement between the parties for the agreed Scope of Work and Services, and fulfils the requirements of the SACAP code of conduct.
Each document is tailor made for a specific project for an identified client and the role of and duties performed by the architect are described as agreed by the parties. Fees are quantified as are the due dates for payment. It will save time and aims to eliminate any unnecessary misunderstandings about the scope of the work.

Buy Online so that you can prepare the document to suit your next project.

The cost for each agreement is R480.00 (Excl VAT) and SAIA members enjoy a 25% discount.

The document is structured for use where the architect acts as principal agent on small and medium sized projects, viz residential or low and medium complexity projects. It can be used where the duties of principal agent are fulfilled by others. However, when project managers and larger consulting teams are involved, it is advised that the PROCSA ® suite of agreements be used.